From Design to Constructability, Voyager Leads the Industry​

Lowest Installation cost

  • Fewest posts/MW – up to 60% less than competition
  • Lower DC BOS costs – up to 20% less than competition
  • Less than 300 Man-hr/MW to install

Optimized for Bifacial Performance

  • Up to 1% yield improvement over 1P trackers for bifacials, as verified by PVSyst

Superior Design Flexibility

  • Support for GCR from 20-60%
  • 60m row configuration  and 2P design provides layout optimization on challenged sites allowing maximum MW/acre with minimal grading

Highest Performance Architecture

  • Hierarchy of row, zone and site controllers provide communication and data redundancy
  • Self-powered drive and control system with 3 day autonomy mitigates interruptions

The Next Evolution in Tracker Design

Lowest Installation Cost

Highest Performance

Voyager is a next-generation single-axis tracker that provides industry-leading ease of installation, performance, and reliability.

Innovative Design drives EPC savings on foundations, DC BOS and installation labor.

Tracker architecture and control system provides optimized bi-facial performance.

FTC Solar’s tracker business unit is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified